My Favourite #Slack Features So Far

We’ve recently started using Slack at work, after the death or retirement of HipChat. From my previous minor experiences with Slack, I was sceptical, as it mostly seemed to be focused on sharing lots of animated gifs, but after getting more familiar with it, and importantly finding the setting for hiding images by default, I’m quite impressed with the tool. This is a list of my favourite features so far, that might benefit others as well:

  • Show only unread and starred conversations 1
    • Most importantly, this means you can be in ALL THE CHANNELS if you want to, without having to have them all open in your side bar all the time
  • Alt-Up and Alt-Down to navigate conversations in side bar
  • Shift-Alt-Up and Shift-Alt-Down the navigate unread conversations only
  • Alt-Back and Alt-Forward to jump to previous conversation and forward again
  • For example:
    • A new message is received in channel A, which is 10 channels below current channel B
    • You Alt-Shift-Down to go to the new channel
    • After reading it to Alt-Back to go back to channel B
    • Channel A is now hidden again (unless it’s starred) to leave less clutter
    • If you realise you wanted to reply to the message, just Alt-Forward to go to A again
  • Searching! You can actually search through history in Slack. This might seem like a natural feature, but it was completely missing from HipChat, and you’d have to go to the website and search, and it didn’t work very well, as it would be hard to get at the context of any results found.
1) This is where to find this in the side bar setting:

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