Monthly Archives: March 2008


What is this silence I hear? Why isn’t anything happening on the site? What is the shotgundentist up to? Is he not busy with his patients? Is he so busy he has no time to share his adventures with the world? Or is he having technical problems keeping him from communicating through this powerful media? Or is the problem really that the only devoted developer around here is a lazy drunk who spends most of his sober awake time trying to change one of those aspects of his state?

NO! Do not believe the lies! The truth is really that aliens in a complicated scheme to take over the Earth and all it’s resources (especially tube socks), are sabotaging the development of this site as they wisely have predicted that it would be the greatest hope of rekindling the spirits of mankind that they have almost broken down by flooding our medias with way too many turnips and old women knitting socks. Therefore, keep supporting this site if not for your own entertainment then for the future of mankind!

Thank you all,