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I’m generally against adverts… what does that mean? I don’t like commercial TV channels, and I don’t like the way many products sell well because they have lots of adverts, rather than because they’re good products.

But, I’ve just added adverts to my own website. This might have been research and educational, for work purposes, etc, but in the end I’ve left them on… just to see what would happen 😛 I guess that makes me a hypocrite? 😛

To be fair on myself, I use a lot of websites that are free but have adverts on them, and I don’t really mind that 🙂 So, I guess it’s all ok… and today, with the ease of setting up adverts (for instance using AdSense, in my case), it’s a means for the “common person” to make money off a simple web site, without being Zuckerberg 😛 … although, it’s probably never going to be big money when all you do is write blogs on a wordpress.

It was nice (and almost a surprise) just how easy it was to set up (this is not an advert for AdSense! :P), and now it’s there it seems a shame to remove it… at least until I get a lot of complaints from my many readers 😛 (NOTE: You can register under “Meta” on the right hand side, and then comment on the posts 😉 )

This was just a short one 🙂

Motorists and their view on the road

One thing that really amazes me, is the way motorists often talk about cyclists. It’s happened to me several times, that after telling a motorist that I don’t drive but cycle everywhere, they’ve gone on some crazed rant on how cyclists are the devil’s spawn (normally not in those exact words).

“You don’t pay road tax, and then you’re all over like you own the road” (quote – anonymous) This felt like an accusation against me personally, just after I’d told the guy that I cycle everywhere (when I don’t use public transportation).

I’d understand if he was saying something like “too many cyclists out there drive like crazy and could get themselves killed” … because I’d agree. There are quite a few cyclists who don’t seem to respect the dangers of the road. And some of them don’t just endanger themselves, but their kids as well (I’ve seen several parents (or kidnappers 😛 ) cycle across roads against the lights with a small innocent person on the back. I also say a dad cycling out in front of the traffic (there were actually cars coming that had to stop) with his 6 year old (I guess) daughter in front of him, waving a “thanks for not running her over” to the drivers and telling her “good girl” once they had crossed… no wonder a lot of cyclists don’t understand or respect the traffic rules if they grow up with that!

But that’s not his point. He’s actually complaining about cyclists “filling up the road” and “getting in his way”. This really makes me rage inside, but of course I’m just smiling politely at the old man to then go rant about it here on my blog where he’d probably never read it…

… but that’s OK. He’s a lost cause. I don’t think I’d be able to make him understand how he should be grateful for the fact that some people don’t jam his traffic with more cars. Because, even though this doesn’t seem to be a popular topic, the real problem is obviously that there are way too many cars on the road. This is why it takes longer to drive into town on a weekend or during rush hour, than it does cycling. And it doesn’t only affect drivers; it slows down public transportation as well. Often I’ve been stuck on a bus into town for up to an hour just because of the traffic (it would take at most an hour to walk into town). And the cars driving on the roads aren’t the only problem. They’re parked all over the road as well! In the area we live in most people (like ourselves) have either a garage, a carport or at least an off-road parking space. However, it seems most people have twice as many cars as flats, resulting in cars parked on all the roads in the entire development. And this doesn’t just look ugly, it’s also dangerous, both to us cyclists who can’t see other traffic as easily, but in particular to all the kids in the neighbourhood… most (if not all) of whom’s parents probably drive (two cars).

And if a driver would ever talk about this problem, they would twist it into a “there are too few parking spaces in the area” problem. Which is a popular topic, yes. Complain about the lack of parking spaces and the traffic, but don’t say they shouldn’t be driving two cars! It’s their right! … just like smokers were defending their right to kill everyone else with smoke (until the total smoking ban was passed), drivers are defending their right to kill us with cars. Is that a bit harsh? Maybe. But I don’t think there can be much doubt that if there were fewer cars on the roads, there would be fewer accidents. That just seems like simple maths/statistics 😛 … and surely that would both include drivers and cyclists and therefore benefit all… right?

… I could go on. I’d talk about how drivers (or just people) love myths like those about people being “thrown clear” and surviving an accident only because they weren’t wearing a seat belt … and how we generally just buy whatever ideas we’re told (obviously, the love of driving isn’t something we’ve made up ourselves, it’s come from above (no, not God)), and I’d probably get side tracked and start talking about politics, economics, happiness and all kinds of things… so instead I’ll stop here… should be enough ranting for today 🙂

P.S.: Blogging is really therapy, isn’t it? It’s good to get it out there, even if no one is “listening” 😛 (just like in “Sherlock”)

Beer Festival

Tomorrow is not just Saturday, it’s not just the day after pay day, but it’s beer festival day!

… Of course you could argue that most days (if not all), there’s a beer festival somewhere. But is that important? It’s not as important to me, as the fact that there’s a beer festival tomorrow that I’m going to. That makes all the difference.

Does that make me selfish? I guess it’s natural for someone to look forward to something _they_ are going to do, rather than something other people will do, however much fun they might have. Of course, if it was on TV and I watched how other people were having fun that might make me feel all happy and warm inside. Why is that? I know there are lots of people out there having fun, but if I see it on TV, it makes me happy (even if not as happy as having fun myself). Of course this isn’t news to the world, and it’s been long since the media world discovered how they could make lots of people happy just by showing them how other people were doing just what they wanted to do, be it eating expensive food in a fancy restaurant, travelling to amazing locations, or just having a lovely time. This way they could all be happy in front of the TV (and its adverts) rather than actually go out and experience things themselves. And if something wasn’t as great as they’d hoped they could just change the channel…

Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to a beer festival, and that’s good for me 🙂 And I get to go to somewhere I’ve never been before. That’s always exciting 🙂

Now, this isn’t much of a topic for a blog post… but I felt like writing some… anything… after being “away” for such a long time… and something that isn’t about sandwiches at all 😛