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La Gelatiera, The Bree Louise and El Parador.

Yesterday after work, I met up with my lovely Katie at our favourite ice cream place: La Gelatiera in Soho. After some amazing basil and chili, strawberry yoghurt and our favourite the chocolate sorbet, we got a bus home. Or at least that was the idea at the time. But at Euston Station we decided to get off and find The Bree Louise; a pub we had heard so much good about. And we were not disappointed! Just west of Euston Station lay the pretty little pub. Even though it was very busy with loads of people thronging outside, it was still very friendly and service was fast. The beer selection resembled more that of a beer festival than just a pub, outperforming even the nearby Euston Tap on real ales.

The first beer I tried was the “safe bet” of a Tring – Side Pocket For A Toad. It was in a very good condition and tasted as fresh as when we got it straight from the brewery. I would even say that it was better than it’s been when we’ve come across it at some beer festivals.


A very well presented version of the lovely Tring beer – Side Pocket For A Toad. 5/5

With such a wide selection of ales, I wanted to try something new. I went for the Third Switch from ABC Brewery. It was a good choice and just what I was looking for.


A very dark beer with almost treacly coffee without being sickly. 5/5.

Katie had a very refreshing sweet cider from Hecks. We considered staying for tea, but felt adventurous, so we went for a walk down a road we’d rarely gone. We ended up on Eversholt Street where we found El Parador (the hostel) that despite its name was an interesting looking tapas restaurant.

We ordered five dishes, and while that was quite a lot of food, I wouldn’t have wanted to have gone without any of them.


The pork belly was one of best examples of the dish I’ve had. It was extremely tender and masterfully spiced with just the right herbs.


This octopus’ arm was amazing. It was soft and fresh. Not chewy like you might expect, but very tender and cooked to perfection.

We also had chicken livers that were like they should be, but how I would have no idea how to cook them; they were soft and creamy inside, without seeming too raw.


Here’s a picture of the whole table, though the bacalao (salt cod) hadn’t arrived yet.

All in all this was simply some of the best food I’ve ever had in this friendly and popular little restaurant.

Food, oh glorious food.

It might not have been obvious from my posts so far, but food is very important to me. Even as I child, I remember how one of the most exciting things when traveling was to try the food. Here is a blog post to show some of the culinary adventures of this year.

Dave and Laura's Wedding Buffet

Dave and Laura's Wedding Buffet

The London Burger at The Centre Page in The City (of London)

The London Burger at The Centre Page in The City (of London)

Pizza Emmigrante from La Forchetta in Islington

Pizza Emmigrante from La Forchetta in Islington. Notice how it looks just like the Italian flag.

Amazing sausage and mash from The Alma.

Amazing sausage and mash from The Alma when we were there for their beer festival.

The Sharing Starter Platter at The Alma.

The Sharing Starter Platter at The Alma when we can back for the beer festival the day after.

Amazing window in a food shop in Boulogne.

Amazing window in a food shop in Boulogne-sur-Mer. We stopped by and admired it several times over the weekend we were there.

Katie's tasty salad.

Katie "only had a salad" for lunch on our last day in Boulogne. It was quite amazing with herring, salmon and lots more.

Moulles Frites Creme Saumon

I had this pile of Moulles Frites Creme Saumon. There was quite a lot of salmon and in the end I couldn't finish the mussels, having hardly touched the chips.

Tiny Crab from my moulles.

This cute, tiny, little Crab was hiding in my moulles, and I very nearly ate it.