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I’m generally against adverts… what does that mean? I don’t like commercial TV channels, and I don’t like the way many products sell well because they have lots of adverts, rather than because they’re good products.

But, I’ve just added adverts to my own website. This might have been research and educational, for work purposes, etc, but in the end I’ve left them on… just to see what would happen 😛 I guess that makes me a hypocrite? 😛

To be fair on myself, I use a lot of websites that are free but have adverts on them, and I don’t really mind that 🙂 So, I guess it’s all ok… and today, with the ease of setting up adverts (for instance using AdSense, in my case), it’s a means for the “common person” to make money off a simple web site, without being Zuckerberg 😛 … although, it’s probably never going to be big money when all you do is write blogs on a wordpress.

It was nice (and almost a surprise) just how easy it was to set up (this is not an advert for AdSense! :P), and now it’s there it seems a shame to remove it… at least until I get a lot of complaints from my many readers 😛 (NOTE: You can register under “Meta” on the right hand side, and then comment on the posts 😉 )

This was just a short one 🙂