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2012-01-04 Upcoming beer festivals

A new year has begun, and I’ve started looking forward to what it will bring of ale enjoyment. However, it’s a slow start in the South East, and the list below is both a bit short and does include some events that are a bit further away, though they do sound like they would be worth a journey. Above all it includes the Cambridge Winter Ales Festival, which is always the place to be for me in the winter (even if this winter isn’t that wintry).

Date Location Festival
18-21 Jan Manchester National Winter Ales Festival
19-21 Jan Cambridge 16th Cambridge Winter Ales Festival
19-21 Jan Colchester 5th Colchester Winter Ales Festival
3 – 4 Feb Dover 19th White Cliffs Festival of Winter Ales
8 -10 Feb London 22nd Battersea Beer Festival
15-18 Feb Derby 11th Derby Winter Beer Festival
17-18 Feb Ely 3rd Elysian Beer Festival
24-25 Feb Chappel 3rd Chappel Winter Beer Festival
16-17 Mar St Neots The 37th ‘Booze on the Ouse’ Beer & Cider Festival