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Rage quitting: my experience with EE and T-Mobile – part 3

When I got the man for the job on the line, it was very hard to hear him in the noisy shop, and I had to make him shout. What added to my requests for him to repeat himself, was that I couldn’t believe what he was now telling me: reverting back to PAYG would take a month! I asked him why this was and he told me that it was because it was a 1-month contract. I explained that I had mistakenly been put onto the contract, and that it was mis-sold to me, but that made no difference. I told him that I would be happy to still pay for the full month, if he could just change me over to PAYG now, so I could make international calls again, but he said that it had nothing to do with the payments, which I found hard to believe as I could be transferred _onto_ the contract in less than a day, so why would it take a month to transfer me back.

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