2012-02-09 Upcoming beer festivals

It’s time for a beer festival update. It’s now late February and a few of the previous lists have past but more importantly we’ve moved to London. This might move the main focus slightly south from Cambridge, though I’m sure anything that can be easily reached from here isn’t too far away from Cambridge either and vice versa. The Battersea Beer Festival is on as I’m writing and I’m planning a quick trip there tomorrow before going to Denmark for the weekend. I’ve been a bit cheeky and added the big Cambridge Beer Festival, even though it’s not on until May, but it’s always a great one, though this will be the first one for me where I don’t live in Cambridge, which will inevitably make it a bit less convenient. On the other hand is the Camden one, just by Kings Cross, going to be really easy with about 15 minutes walk home.

Date Location Festival
 8-10 Feb London 22nd Battersea Beer Festival
16-18 Feb Luton 29th Luton Beer & Cider Festival
15-18 Feb Derby 11th Derby Winter Beer Festival
17-18 Feb Ely 3rd Elysian Beer Festival
24-25 Feb Chappel 3rd Chappel Winter Beer Festival
 7- 9 Mar Camden 28th London Drinker Beer & Cider Festival
 9-10 Mar Hitchin Hitchin Beer & Cider Festival
15-17 Mar St Neots The 37th ‘Booze on the Ouse’ Beer & Cider Festival
12-14 Apr Sidcup, London 7th Bexley Beer Festival
25-28 Apr Bury St Edmunds East Anglia Beer Festival
 2- 6 May Reading 18th Reading Beer & Cider Festival
21-26 May Cambridge 39th Cambridge Beer Festival

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