First mild of mild month May

Yesterday was the 2nd day of May, and I had my first mild to celebrate Mild Month (see Camra’s Mild Month page). It was this lovely Bostin’ Mild from Windsor & Eton Brewery, served to perfection in the bustling and sunny Bree Louise near Euston Station.

Windsor and Eton - Bostin' Mild

Windsor and Eton – Bostin’ Mild

As a big fan and appreciator of milds, I’m saddened at how hard they are to find outside of beer festivals. I recently went to the amazing Kris’ Wines on York Way, which has a very wide range of beers, both British and foreign, from Europe, The Americas and Australia. But when I asked about milds, he said he was afraid there wasn’t much sale in milds, and he only had one or two. I got myself a Black Swan from Vale Brewery. I drank it with my family when they visited last weekend, and it was unanimously voted the best of the beers we had, beating all the IPAs and Imperial Stouts that seem to be much more popular these days. I wonder if they’re popular because people like them more, or if it’s just because it’s “cool” to drink IPAs and Imperial Stouts, but drinking Milds is seen as uncouth, for some reason.

I’m hoping to be drinking many more milds throughout the month (and beyond), and might post more about them when I do.

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