Sandwiches 2010-01-28

Granary Sandwich with
– Sliced Boiled Egg
– Roast Chicken
– Beef
– Pork
– Pastrami
– Pepperoni
– Stilton
– Mozzarella
– Sweetcorn
– Onion
– Basil
– Sun-Blushed Tomatoes
– Branston Pickle

*Phew* That was the last of them. I really have to remember to update these on the day, both to avoid having to do this much hard work to catch up, but also so I can better review them. Today’s sandwich was amazing, tasty and very moist and soft. I finished the last of it about 10 minutes ago, but I can still taste it (in a good way). I really missed the Stilton that I had left out for a long time, but it makes me realise its value and appreciate it more once I’ve been without.

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