Sandwiches 2010-01-07

Granary Sandwich with
– Roast Chicken
– Pastrami
– Bacon
– Pork
– Mature Cheddar
– Stilton
– Spicy Cheese
– Feta Cheese
– Sliced Boiled Egg
– Onion
– Basil
– Sun-Blushed Tomatoes
– Chilli Jam

I’ve realised there are two approaches to get a sandwich that isn’t too squished. Either make it small-ish (like the one yesterday or even small :-o) which obviously isn’t an ideal approach that will only limit your imagination; Or make it so big they can’t possibly fit it in a normal (triangular) box. The one two days ago achieved this and was delivered in a “jacket potato box” (like a kebab box) and this one today arrived in two separate regular boxes. The only problem with the one today was that a lot of the filling was quite loose and eating it was difficult (though fun and very tasty).

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