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Sandwich from the good old sandwich machine at Jagex

How I miss the sandwich machine that was installed for a while back in the Jagex days. Sad when they took it away. As you can see from my early blogs, I made the most of it while it was there, and it was a surprise my business alone wasn’t enough to ensure that it kept going. Maybe the problem was that I found their weakness and that they were losing money on my orders. I’ve found a couple of photos of the monsters, so I thought I’d bring back the memories.

Sandwich 2009-11-12

Sandwich of 12th November 2009

This is one of the earliest sandwich adventures and the list of ingredients can be found listed in my first sandwich blog post. It was very tasty and one of the meatier ones. Who needs protein powder when you can simply eat all the different kinds of protein all in one sandwich? As you can read on the blog post, I didn’t make do with the sandwich, but had a roll as well. That way I could have all the seafood proteins too. Tasty proteins…

Sandwich 2009-11-17

Sandwich of 17th November 2009

This one came a few days later, after a bit more experimentation. Though it still looks quite stuffed, it actually only contains three kinds of meat as opposed to four in the previous. Instead it has two ingredients that would quickly become regulars throughout the “sandwich era”: Stilton and Branston pickle. Raw red onion joined the fun to add an extra sharp kick.