De 5 Gårde – Falle – Beer Review

Falle, a refreshing beer from De 5 Gaarde

Falle, a refreshing beer from De 5 Gaarde

When I took my first sip of this refreshing, light ruby red beer from De 5 Gårde, I was a bit underwhelmed. I thought it lacked both flavour and aftertaste. But then after a couple of gulps everything changed. An initially subtle sweetness became more pronounced, backed by a gentle caramel maltiness and followed by a fresh hoppy finish. Towards the end of the beer, I was loving it. I give it 4 out of 5.

I bought this in Kvickly, in Aabyhoej. If you would like to get a bottle for yourself, you might be able to find it in your local Kvickly or Coop shop.

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