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Svend’s Beer Log 2020 10

(Rating system: 1-5. 1: undrinkable. 2: not nice. 3: decent/good. 4: very good. 5: one of the best I’ve ever had. Read more about my rating system)

Cervisiam – Pecanisher 5
Edge Brewing / Sudden Death Brewing Co – Arroz Con Leche 4
Brew 42 – McMalty 4
Missing Link Brewing / Drop Project – All Together 5
Po – Five Points Pale”>Five Points Brewing – Five Points Pale[/caption]

Five Points Brewing – Five Points Pale 5
Thornbridge – Pineapple Halcyon 4
East London Brewing Co – Nightwatchman 4
Mikkeller – Beer Geek Breakfast 4
Braw – Hobo Robo 4
Zagovor Brewery – Stamp Of Approval 5
Ørbæk Bryggeri – Fynsk Fri 3
Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri – Fall In Love With Me 4

Svend’s Beer Log 2019 12

(Rating system: 1-5. 1: undrinkable. 2: not nice. 3: decent/good. 4: very good. 5: one of the best I’ve ever had. Read more about my rating system)

Black Country Ales – Pig On The Wall 4
Leatherbritches – Scoundrel 4
Clearwater Brewery – Dark Night 3
St Austell – Tribute 4
The Wild Beer Co – Snapdragon 5
Mount Saint Bernard Abbey – Tynt Meadow 5
Moncada – Impy Custard 5
Northern Alchemy – Mexican Merigold Cider 3
New River Brewery – London Tap 4
New River Brewery – Five–Inch Drop 4
Siren – Suspended In Loral 4
Moor – Confidence 4
Truman’s – Swift 4
Fuller’s – London Pride 4
Mighty Oak – Jake The Snake 5
Five Points Brewing Co – Brick Field Brown 4
Reunion Ales – Midnight Runner 4
Mikkeller – Henry And His Science 5
Five Points Brewing Co – Best 4
Animal Brewing Co – Hop Kitty 4
Five Points Brewing Co – Railway Porter 4
Hobsons Brewery – Champion Mild 5
Ayinger – Urweisse 4
71 Brewing – Left Coast 5
Flying Couch – Icebreaker 4
Kulmbacher Mönchshof – Weinachtsbier (2019) 3
Amundsen – Super Santa 4
Vestfyen – Willemoes Kyst Til Kyst 3
Vestfyen – Willemoes Belgisk Ale 3
Aarhus Bryghus – Jule IPA 4
Bryghuset Møn – Sommerspirets Lakrids Stout 4
Brouwerij Contreras – Valeir Extra 4
The Musketeers – Troubadour Blond 3
Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen – Glüh Weizen 3
Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen – Bloesem Blond 3
Het Anker – Gouden Carolus Christmas 4
Huyghe – Delirium Christmas 4
Vestfyen – Willemoes Jul 2019 4
Svaneke Bryghus – Don’t Worry Pale Ale 3
Skanderborg Bryghus – Udbruds Øl 3
Thisted Bryghus – Skt Peter 3
Skanderborg Bryghus – Podieøl 3
Fur – Blond 4
Svaneke Bryghus – Stout 4
Hellers – Kölsch 4
Tommy’s Home Brew – Belgian Amber Abbey 4
Svaneke Bryghus – Julebryg 4
Browar Amber – Koźlak 3
Collesi – Nera 3
Vocation / Yeastie Boys – Breakfast Club 4

Svend’s Beer Log 2019 01

(Rating system: 1-5. 1: undrinkable. 2: not nice. 3: decent/good. 4: very good. 5: one of the best I’ve ever had. Read more about my rating system)

Brutal Brewing – Tail Of A Whale 4
Amager Bryghus – Reindeer Fuel 2017 5
Kloster Bryggeriet – Kloster Jul 3
Korsendonk – Christmas Ale 3
Løgismose – Julens Øl 3
Brouwerij Van Steenberge – Wit 3
Brouwerij De Molen – Yes & Yolo 4
Klüvers Brauhaus – Bock 3
Thisted Bryghus – Limfjords Porter Lagret På Egetræ 3
Brouwerij De Molen – Gulden Draak 4
Aarhus Bryghus – Black Monster 2016 3
The Bruery – Share This O. C. 4
8 Wired – Lord Of Atlas 4
Founders – KBS 5
Svaneke Bryghus – Mørk Guld Jul 4
Rye River Brewing Co – Dec’s 4
Ørbæk – Choco Ale 4

Svend’s Beer Log 2018 06

(Rating system: 1-5. 1: undrinkable. 2: not nice. 3: decent/good. 4: very good. 5: one of the best I’ve ever had. Read more about my rating system)

Švyturys – Blonde Ale 3
Föroya Bjór – Classic 3
Dos Palomas – Mild 4
Kølster Malt & Øl c/o – Påskebryg 4
Moonshine – Orange Stout 4
Brouwerij De Molen – Hamer & Sikkel 4
Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri – Wildflower IPA 4
Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri – Free Wheelin’ 4
Brauerei Gebr. Maisel – Maisel’s Weisse 4
Flying Couch – Lyssky 3
Brewdog – Kamikaze Knitting Club 4
Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri – Raw Power 5
Brouwerij Frontal – Billiard 4
Amundsen Bryggeri – Dessert In A Can Chocolate Mud Cake 4
Brewdog – Slot Machine 4
Thisted Bryghus – Rum N’ Beer 3
Bryggeriet Frejdahl – Gudmund 4
Bryggeriet Frejdahl – Herja 4
Cigar City – Café Con Leche 4
G. Schneider & Sohn – Schneider Weisse 3
Stone – Ripper 4
Stone – White Ghost Berliner Weisse 3
Two Roads – Honeyspot Road IPA 4
Doctor Brew – Molly IPA 3
Robinsons – Old Tom 4
Birrificio Agricolo Baladin – Nazionale 3
Birrificio Agricolo Baladin – Isaac 3
Humlepraxis – FairGær 4
Brew 42 – Aarhus Wiener 3
Fluxxus Brewing – Monkey Mind 4
People Like Us – Hell’s Saison 4
Viborg Bryghus – Sort Magi 3
Lindeman’s – Kriek 4

A Top Five of pubs in Cambridge

Here is a Top 5 of pubs in Cambridge:
(the order is how I like them-ish, though it’s hard to really rank them as they have different qualities)

  1. The Red Lion, Histon
    This is probably my favourite pub in the whole world 🙂 It’s got Tring Blonde on all the time, which is a very nice beer, and also Mighty Oak’s Oscar Wilde which is one of my highest ranked non-Tring non-Welsh beers 😛 (I don’t actually have a beer rank. There’s just too many of them and they’re way too different to rank). The staff is very friendly and the landlord (Mark Donachy) is a real character 🙂 ). Only downside is the lack of food in the evening, but then there’s a pub just next door with nice Thai food (Barley Mow), so it’s easy to just pop over there for tea 🙂 The Red Lion has two beer festivals a year: One at Easter and one at Autumn. During the beer festival more food is available.
  2. Kingston Arms, Kingston Street
    This is one of my “old pubs” that I used to frequent particularly much when I lived on only a couple of minutes walk away. It’s got a very wide selection of real ales, and normally at least a few real ciders as well. It’s got a small quiet garden and very nice food. It’s also a friendly place, and you’re always very welcome to taste all the ales before deciding what to go for 😉
  3. The Cambridge Blue, Gwydir Street
    This is another of my “old regulars” in the same area as The Kingston Arms. It also has a wide real ale selection and a web cam where you can almost see which beers they have on just now (and if there’s a lot of people queuing) 🙂 The food is nice, and there’s a lovely large garden with plenty of benches and view over a stone wall of the pretty, idyllic Mill Road Cemetary.
  4. The Live and Let Live, Mawson Road
    This is a newer discovery for me. Even though it’s in the same area as the previous two, it’s on the other side of Mill Road, which caused it to remain hidden to me until this year (or maybe it was a year ago, but still…). The reason I found it was because I was flicking through the Good Beer Guide looking for pubs in Cambridge with Tring regulars, and apart from The Red Lion, this was the only one. It’s got the Jack O’Legs on regularly, though they sometimes run out. Also, they seem to sometimes be shut at random times, but then fortunately the above two pubs aren’t too far away 😉
  5. The Devonshire Arms, Devonshire Road
    There were many pubs contending for this last spot in the top 5. One of the reasons for this one winning, is that it’s the pub of Cambridge’s only really local brewery, Milton Brewery who brew several lovely brews. It’s got a wide selection of those, but also several other small brewery beers on at all times. It’s one of the newest pubs in Cambridge (only a year and a half old) and it’s very nice. My only regret is that I’ve only been there two or three times, and I don’t even know what the food is like… but there’s still time to change both of those 😉

So, that was my top 5 of Cambridge pubs… I might just post some reviews now and again of other pubs I like, since it’s really not fair to rank them, and I’m not completely sure that the order above means very much…

Enjoy! (Please drink responsively!)