Olympic Football – Great Britain vs Brazil

Our first Olympic event is the women’s football match between Great Britain and Brazil. We arrived a bit early, so as you can see there are still loads of empty seats. Hopefully they will fill in the next hour and a half.


View of the stadion from our seats.

I almost bought the programme just to learn something about the team, but decided I didn’t want to pay £5 for a lot of glossy adverts with hardly any information. I guess I’ll have to learn by watching them play and then do some research later.

Finally decided to get some food. I went for the steak ciabatta, even if the queue was slightly longer. After queueing for 15 minutes they told me that only the queue next to me accepted cards. As that queue was even longer and had hardly moved while I was there, I decided to change the menu to pizza. Here I went straight to the card queue. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get it to work and after a while asked me to come to the other end of the counter, where I finally got to pay. How they can be “proud to only accept Visa” is a mystery to me, when they implement it so poorly. But at least I ended up with this glorious meal:


My Wembley pizza.

Here are the players warming up:


Great Britain and Brazil warming up.

Half time and we (yes, we; though I’m wearing a Danish top) are winning 1-0. It’s been a good match so far, with lots of chances in both ends. Here’s a Brazilian attack:


Brazil with some quite technical attacking play.

Next half we’ll get the British action this end which I’m looking forward to. They’ve looked good out there and seem sharper than the Brazilians.

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